Home Loans Direct

Home Loans Direct

Owning a home is very expensive; normally people rely on creditors to secure enough funds to buy a home. South Africa has quite a number of reputable creditors who offer loans to individuals who are willing to borrow from them. One such creditor is Home Loans Direct, one of South Africa’s leading bond originators that has 27 years of origination home loan experience.

The creditor provides home loan application process for free on behalf of a client. The firm has extremely skillful staff that is good at securing top home loans for its clients by settling for fine rates with big banks. Home Loans Creditor gives continuous training for its staff such that they remain up tom date with latest financial aspects within South Africa’s finance sector.

Home Loans Finance offers benefits to its clients and such includes handling of the application process for the client without any charge, submitting applications to all major banks like Absa, FNB, Nedbank and Standard bank, negotiating the rates, professional advisory services, discounted registration and transfer fees as well as negotiation and motivation of applications.

For more information regarding bond and pre approval applications, clients can visit the website and fill in the application forms or simply call 0861999621.


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