How can one easily increase their savings?


Finding ways to save money is an easy way to secure one’s financial future. When individuals find ways to increase their savings it’s even better for them in the long run, because of the increased wealth. It’s key for individuals to remain flexible enough to find innovative ways to increase their savings too. 

One of the first rules of establishing saving behaviour is that you need to prioritise your own savings goals. As soon as you earn a form of income, make sure that you pay yourself at least 15% first into a separate bank account. It’s always better to put it away before it gets eaten into by various expenses or before you’re tempted to spend it. Make it automatic wherever possible. 

Contribute to an emergency fund each month and watch your savings grow. Be sure to save enough money to cover you for at least six months in case of emergency. 

Be realistic about how much you need to save.  If you automate your savings, this could simplify everything.  If you can avoid the temptation that may come with paying yourself manually, then this may help to save more. 

If one is looking for ways to increase their savings, a good place to start is becoming more self-aware. You can also overcome financial fears you may have by using mobile apps. Know exactly where your money is going. 

By assessing your overhead expenses, you can take the necessary steps to change spending habits that are working against your efforts to save. For example, ridding yourself of your DSTV subscription may be a good way of achieving this. If you know that you are spending too much money on takeaways, stop doing this and you’ll notice how much you could be saving instead. 



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