How does Discovery Insurance Measure Up?

Discovery Insurance

Just as the Discovery credit card is all about helping its members achieve a healthier, more active and rewarding lifestyle. It’s just the same with Discovery Insurance which is committed to keeping you safe on the road, while also rewarding you for driving well.

When it comes to Discovery insurance, Discovery Insure is part of Discovery car insurance.

And almost most South Africans are insured with Discovery Insurance, you just have to look at the Discovery insure sticker placed on the side or back of their cars. And of course for most motorists it’s a sort of a status thing being insured through Discovery, as for one thing you won’t find it in the cheap car insurance category.

But fret not as Discovery also caters insurance for the price-sensitive clients who want to enjoy immediate benefits of Discovery Insure through its new Dynamic Plan. Clients can get an upfront dynamic vehicle premium discount of up to 12%, based on their Vitality status. They can get an ongoing dynamic vehicle premium discount for driving well, or removal of the discount or a loading for poor driving behaviour.

The Dynamic Plan matches the Essential Plan in almost all aspects. The main difference being that a dynamic vehicle premium discount (or loading) replaces the Essential Plan fuel rewards, Excess Funder Account and 5 Star Days benefits.

And since Discovery is known for its reward system it’s no different with its insurance. Through its Active Reward you can be rewarded for parking voucher from admyt or KaChing. Or enjoy a discounted carwash from StopWash, a free smoothie from KAUAI, or a free coffee from Vida e Caffè.

Then, of course, there’s Discovery Insure Vitalitydrive, which rewards its clients for driving well. As one of the perks of joining Discovery insurance as I don’t know many car insurers that provide this service.

If you’d like to join Discovery Insurance you can call them on 0860 751 751 or submit your details and they’ll call you back.



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