How Does it Measure Up – Momentum Insurance Car Quote


Momentum insures any South African registered motorcar, light delivery vehicle, caravan or trailer.

And well with benefits like no hidden costs due to excess fees that are fixed, guaranteed premiums for 12 months, whether you claim or not. And the no need to nominate drivers as Momentum work on a regular driver basis.

As well as free 24-hour roadside assistance, cars that are insured at retail value with the option of insuring at market value. And Momentum Explorer, a benefit targeted for 4×4 enthusiast who travel regularly to neighbouring countries

It is clear that when getting a Momentum insurance car quote it is ‘Goodbye delay and hello right away!’ As the company says, which also through its momentum insurance car quotes prides itself in offering low premiums based on the individual profile. Excellent service in all their interactions with their clients, a simpler, faster way to submit claims and rewarding it’s clients for simply being safe.

Also when getting a Momentum online quote complete your Safety Score and you could earn cash back savings on your car insurance premiums. Play the #EishHappens game and challenge your friends to be safer too. In the game you tackle everyday activities that could make you a target for danger and learn how you can avoid those #EishHappens moments.

With a Momentum insurance car quote you choose the level of cover for your car from comprehensive cover, limited cover or liability to other parties cover.


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