How FNB eWallet Works


Although many more South Africans have access to the internet these days, not many people make use of internet banking facilities. The vast majority of the banking population in South Africa still largely relies on ATMs for transacting, coupled with obtaining assistance from traditional in-branch tellers. To counter this, as well as to foster advancements in technology, First National bank, as a leading institution in South Africa, introduced a highly effective and safe banking facility which is accessible to anyone with a cellphone and within proximity to an FNB ATM. FNB eWallet is this innovative, effective way of sending or receiving money.  

eWallet allows individuals to send money to any other person within South Africa with a valid cell phone number.  Money can be accessed at any FNB ATM nearest to them, by following a simple procedure.

How does FNB eWallet work?

An existing FNB account holder sends money by entering their cell phone number

The recipient will get a notification of money received as well as an FNB number to call or SMS

The recipient calls the FNB number when they are at their nearest FNB ATM

They will receive an SMS with a pin code which they have to enter within a 30 minute period, after which it expires.

The recipient should then choose the ‘cardless services’ option at the ATM and thereafter select FNB eWallet. They should then enter the pin number and get instant cash.

Recipients do not have to have an existing FNB account to benefit from eWallet services.


Visit to learn more about eWallet.


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