How is payroll managed?


For any business, having a highly effective payroll system is the key to maintaining smooth business functioning. 

This is the way in which a company pays its employees and entails a range of steps that ensures that fair remuneration is disseminated for services and that the right amount of deductions are made every month. It’s the way in which employees’ financial records are administered and has to be done accurately and timeously. A key part of managing it well is that it must be consistent. 

How payroll is managed is determined by the capacity of the business owners or management. It’s also a factor of the best ways in which employees can be paid while ensuring that the business’ cash flow is maintained. 

There are numerous ways through which to manage this process. Options include: using payroll software, opting for internal management, relying on payroll agencies, or having payroll managed professionally. 

Payroll software 

Using it eliminates the tedious process of payroll administration. A further benefit offered by this option is that it eliminates inaccuracy. It saves time because you won’t have to re-enter employee details every month. The system maintains payroll information and it’s also cost-effective and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your employees’ details being shared. 

Internal management 

Payroll systems must be fully compliant with laws that protect the best interests of employees. By opting to manage payroll internally, a business must have clear delegation of roles. A consistent pay period must be chosen and a system must be established for keeping records such as days worked, the number of hours worked and deductions due. It’s also vital to monitor a company’s payroll expenses and to print regular reports to ensure that the role of payroll is understood and that it remains efficient. 

As a business owner, having payroll managed efficiently should be the ultimate goal.


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