How Many Jobs Will Be Automated By 2030?


There are still studies being done to determine the number of jobs people will lose to automation. The estimates are that more and more jobs will be lost in the richer nations like Germany and the US. Poorer nations that do not have enough money to invest will not be affected as much. Some of the many jobs that will be lost include, 

Insurance underwriting– there will be an increase in need analysis and suitability analysis.  

Warehousing and manufacturing-jobs that require repetitive and sequence f tasks will be likely automated first. Machines are likely to be quicker and produce higher quality products than human beings.  

Customer services. These are also going to be replace d with machines.  

Research and data will also be automated. Already companies rely on google to provide information required by businesses.  

It is estimated that a total of 57% jobs in OECD(an international group consisting of 36 nations)will be automated. 


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