How many types of trading accounts exist?


Deregulation of the forex market made it much easier for traders of all kinds. The trading threshold has been significantly reduced, in order to lower barriers to entry. 

This led to the creation of different types of trading accounts. 

As a trader, it’s important to know that various options that exist, so you can choose the best option for your particular needs. Enlisting help from a skilled broker enables you to find the most suitable trading platform for your specific goals. Understanding how these accounts work is essential for improving the chances of success as a trader. 

Micro Accounts 

This type of account was created in order to enable traders with small amounts to participate. This option also typically restricts the position sizes of trades to micro-lots. This account also has the benefit of allowing traders to have better ways of managing risk factors on their accounts. Once they have moved on from using a demo account to familiarise themselves with trading, this type of account may be most ideal  

Intermediate Accounts 

Typically known as a Standard Trading Account, for this account a minimum deposit is usually set at a certain amount on this type of account. 

VIP Accounts 

Traders using this type of account can trade an unlimited number of Standard Lots. It is for classified VIP Traders. 

Once an individual knows how many types of trading accounts exist, they need to choose an account that will match their goals. Based on their objectives and how they want to manage their trading strategies, finding the best account will be easier. A major factor is also how much money a trader actually has. A suitable broker should be able to advise on the best account and the best ways to maximise on the investment.


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