How much do Pokémon Coins Sell for on eBay?


Since it was launched in 1996, Pokémon has grown into a global brand with millions of fans. Initially starting out as video games, the franchise has evolved to include an animated TV series, movies, Trading Card Online as well as Pokémon Go.

As a Pokémon trainer, you will use a variety of tools such as cards, lures or coins to get ahead in the game you’re playing.

In the world of Pokémon Go, Gold coins, coins or Pokecoins are extremely important for progressing through the game. For instance, items in the Pokémon Go shop are exchanged for Pokecoins. In order to get Pokecoins, you have to spend actual money.

Some Pokémon coins are more valuable than others.

Types of Pokémon coins available for sale include:

  • Pokémon Battling Coin
  • Pokémon Metal Coin
  • Pokémon Gold Coins

More about Pokémon Battling Coin:

Pokémon Battling coin game was a tabletop Pokémon game for two or more players released in the late 1990s. In this game, players battle their Pokémon (in the form of collectible coins) against the other players.

More about Gold Coins:

Pokémon Gold Coins can be used during a Pokémon TCG match.

Making coins out of metal and cardboard has fallen out of practice for the Pokémon Company. However, there are still some of these coins available in circulation.

How much do Pokémon coins sell for on eBay?

If you’re looking for information on how much Pokémon coins sell for on eBay, a search on the site is likely to bring up an array of results. 50 Battling coins may be available for $79.99, while another post shows a Pokémon Kyurem Commemorative Coin selling for $11.00.

A pack of 150 Pokémon Battling Coins is available for $349.99 in another post, while another seller is offering a Battling Coin Game blind pack from 1999 for $94.00.


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