How People are Finding Love through Pokemon


With the recent resurgence of pocket monster-catching game Pokémon, millions of people worldwide are enjoying the perks of augmented reality game Pokémon Go.

One of the most enticing factors of the game (besides getting to catch Pikachu’s friends wherever you are) is the interaction it brings with total strangers. More people are making friends through the game as they enjoy having fun in an unusual way.

Why is Pokémon so popular again?

Pokémon Go is encouraging players to visit places they may not have ordinarily visited. Becoming part of Pokémon groups has created opportunities for people to meet new friends.

Are people really finding love through Pokémon?

The dating world can be harsh. People often have to go to multiple dates before actually coming across someone they can relate well to, who can also potentially be a life partner. While the traditional dating methods are still popular, the infiltration of technology into our lives has meant that more people are opting for non-traditional dates. Dating apps are still popular, but lately they’ve been facing some stiff competition from the likes of gaming app Pokémon Go.

Communal strolls with Pokémon go community members have created more opportunities for people to mingle with new people as well as potential mates.

Julia Alexander of Polygon reports that “as players seek out these different locations, people have started to meet up with other keen Pokémon trainers and the result has led to some budding new friendships”.

The act of playing can be a good way of enjoying flirting, outside the normal bounds of convention- possibly leading to much more on the dating horizon.

What is PokeDates?

Another easy way that lets people find love through Pokemon is through PokeDates.

PokeDates is a new site from Project FixUp that lets Pokémon Go players meet fellow gamers at a specific time and location.

To sign up, all you have to do is answer a few standard questions about what you’re looking for in a partner and let their specialists know when you’re free to play.

According to Project FixUp’s “Chief FixUp Officer” Dank Korenevsky:

“PokeDates and Project FixUp give people their time back and turns online dating into offline dating.”


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