How Popular is Microsoft Surface Really?


Businesses are not always very keen to adapt new technology, especially since they rely on this to make money and can’t risk running into any issues. But this is not the case with Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s upcoming laptop-tablet hybrid. According to Microsoft, a few big names are already starting to order the new-fangled device for their employees.

“The Surface Pro 4 sweet spot is, ‘I want a tablet, but need a laptop,” says Microsoft Director of Surface Cyril Belikoff.

Today, Microsoft is announcing that Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, the car dealership arm of Warren Buffett’s legendary corporate holding company, has already ordered Surface Pro 4 tablets for their employees — and 12 other companies, including USI Insurance and the Land O’ Lakes dairy giant, have done the same.

Microsoft isn’t giving out any specific numbers for unit sales, but it said that all of these deals are in the hundreds to thousands of units. Belikoff says that the Surface Pro 4 is the fastest-adopted Surface device in the enterprise. Now it wants to keep the momentum going, with this news and a slew of other announcements.

Why so popular?

Microsoft’s sales pitch is simple: The Surface Pro 4 is a good-looking, light, touchscreen tablet that also runs every piece of Windows software from Windows 7 onwards. There’s a reason the tablet portion of Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Book laptop is called the “clipboard.” Because the Surface tablets come with the Surface Pen stylus, it can be used for note-taking, right alongside the old-school apps.

Microsoft is also letting enterprises trade in their older Surface Pro tablets towards the new hotness, the exact same way that a consumer might do at Best Buy. This is an ongoing program, not a promotion, and intended to help enterprises if and when they want to upgrade their fleets of Surface Pros, outside their normal buying cycle.


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