How to Avoid Scam E-Mails

Scam Emails

We all hate getting scam e-mails in our inboxes, but unfortunately this is sometimes part of our modern world and the technology we use. But avoiding these e-mails is sometimes difficult, which is why you need to make sure that you follow a few basic guidelines to avoid getting scam e-mails into your inbox as much as possible.

Use a separate e-mail address

If you are subscribing to any public lists, newsletters, or forums, used a separate e-mail address that you have created specifically for this purpose. This will avoid to your e-mail address landing on unwanted e-mail marketing lists and also allow you to easily delete that email address if you find that you are receiving too many spam messages every day.

Never publish your e-mail address

If you run a business or you have an online website, never publish your e-mail address as spammers can easily pick up if there is an e-mail address located on a website. This is one of the main ways in which they obtain your e-mail address, without you ever having to sign up for anything.

Don’t support a company that spams

There are many companies known for their spam e-mail practices so don’t support these businesses and helping to make money. Don’t buy their products. It is easy to see where they adhere to good practices or not, as there will be an unsubscribe option in all the e-mail communication they send to you. If you don’t have the option to unsubscribe, don’t support them.

Set e-mail filters

This is very useful if you are flooded by spam e-mails everyday by setting up e-mail/you can choose which e-mail should be allowed into your inbox and which should automatically be deleted. You can even add the specific e-mail or a domain to a blacklist so that these e-mails will be deleted even before they arrive in your inbox.


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