How to Become an Intra-Day Trader

Intraday Trader

If you are new to the world of investing, you may not know an intra-day trader is. An intra-day trader refers to a stock trader that will open and close a specific position within the same day. These traders capitalize on small moves, often using margins or leverage; in short this basically means that they are borrowing money.

These traders are carrying a large risk as they participate in conditions that are rapidly changing and they are constantly looking for quickly developing profit opportunities. They need to make use of a variety of technical analysis in order to determine what the right condition is for them to either buy or sell. The benefit is that with extraordinarily high risk also comes great returns. This is what makes intra-day traders so appealing and also why many people are wondering how to become an intra-day trader.

Most of these intra-day traders will make use of specific guidelines, including:

  • Never trade what you cannot afford to lose. This type of training involves a lot of risks, so you should only trade what you can afford to lose.
  • Choose shares that are highly liquid.
  • Do thorough research.
  • Make use of stop losses. This will help the trader to limit their losses.
  • Don’t fight them walk training. Even the most sophisticated analysis can always predict what the market will do.
  • Remember to stay small. Painful small gains on a regular basis as the risk is too high to play around with launch investments.

Because these traders close all trading at the end of every day, there is no hangover and in a way their risk is limited. Each day poses a new opportunity and nothing overnight can influence their profits.


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