How To Choose A Lender: The Right Loan For Me


When in need of a loan, there may be temptation to accept any offer you get. The reality is that you need to choose the right lender for your needs. When you choose a lender it’s important that you take into account a number of factors. 

How to choose a lender: 

Jabu is applying for his first car loan and is wondering where to start. 

Know what your credit standing is 

He can avoid wasting a lot of time and energy by getting up to speed with his current score. He needs to remember that lenders will monitor how he has maintained his credit agreements. 

Make sure that the lender has the type of loan you are looking for 

There is no point to applying to a lender that doesn’t have the kind of finance you are looking for. Do your research beforehand and choose a lender that has what you need. Jabu would be doing himself a favour by identifying the best car finance providers. This process includes comparing different lenders.  

Consider your affordability 

The bottom line is that if Jabu can’t afford repayments, chances of approval are slim to none. When he chooses the right loan for his needs he must keep his affordability in mind. If he already has too much credit to his name, Jabu needs to expect the possibility of rejection. 

Find a legitimate lender 

The lender you apply to has to be legitimate. Jabu will benefit from a lender with transparent processes that has a number of existing systems in place for dealing with various borrowers. Jabu needs to follow due process by finding ways to identify a lender that is registered with the relevant regulatory bodies. 


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