How to Claim UIF Online

Claim your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) via UIF’s virtual office. It’s a free Ufiling service, which enables employees with internet access to apply for UIF services online.

Use the service to declare your earnings, have your claim processed speedily and track your claim.

When you want to claim your UIF returns it will all depend upon which category you filing under.

Whether you’re:

  1. a) A Domestic – Domestic worker, gardener, a driver or a person who looks after children, the aged, sick, frail or disabled in a private household, but not on a farm.
  2. b) A Commercial employer – A legal or registered entity that employs the services of any person, and remunerates them within the guidelines as provided within the Basic Conditions of Employment.
  3. c) An Agent – a uFiler who has activated a uFiling account on behalf of another person or employer. And has a written mandate from that person or employer to act on their behalf.

You can complete and submit monthly UIF declarations and pay UIF contributions.

Then if you’re an employee, if your employer has been accredited by the UIF you can register on the Employee Portal. This will allow you the employee to submit forms to the UIF electronically.

And to activate your Employee account you need to have the following documents and information available.

  1. Your valid 13 Digit South African ID number
  2. Your e-mail address where all correspondence will be emailed

Visit or Home page, then click on the Activate my uFiling account button and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve received confirmation that your uFiling account is activated, you can load your banking details under the menu Employer and Bank Account Details.

As an online registered employee. You’ll be able to securely submit your application for benefits for unemployment, maternity, illness and adoption to submit Continuation of Payment and Notice of Appeal.

UIF gives short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work. It also provides relief to the dependents of a deceased contributor.

Consult the uFiling System User Guide for step-by-step instructions.


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