How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes


Getting cheap car insurance quotes requires a lot of thought and some research and planning therefore if you want to get cheap car insurance buy one of the cheapest cars to insure as you’ll most likely be in a position to find much cheaper and affordable car insurance premiums with your in-expensive ride. 

Car insurance is meant to provide cover for vehicle damage or vehicle loss therefore the easier to replace and repair the lowest the car insurance premium. When looking at details that affect your premium with a cheap car. The value of your car is the biggest factor to affect your car insurance premium costs, the availability and cost of vehicle parts and buying a locally manufactured car as supposed to an imported one.

Hippo, the online insurance quote provider and money management one stop shop, recently created a very comprehensive piece discussing the cheapest cars to insure, identified as Toyota Tazz, Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Yaris, Volkswagens Golf, and Corsa Lite 2009.

But on flipside to that are some of the top stolen cars identified in a recent Youth Village Report, Nissan Toyota, Isuzu and VW. When looking at some of the factors determining the chances of these cars getting stolen they’re similar to some of the details that affect your premium with a cheap car.

Such as the greater need for parts depending on how popular the vehicle is, it can end up being used for taxi parts. And although flashy is usually associated with expensive cars some of the top stolen cars like VW are usually associated to having a nice set of rims or mags that criminal can sell quickly.

If you have a vehicle of this make, it would stand in your favour to practice extra caution and have the necessary security measures put in place. That would in turn also help you in gaining a cheap car insurance quote as safety features that help prevent theft and accidents such as a theft prevention security system and safety gear in your vehicle could reduce premiums and help you qualify for a discount on many policies.


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