How to Increase Your XP Level


The main emphasis of the app Pokémon Go is to ‘catch ‘em all’, all being the incredible imaginary world of Pokémon beasts. Which once you’ve downloaded the free app pop-up as if in real life on your phone as you explore the real world to find them.

The Pokémon’s (pocket monsters in Japanese) are thought of as virtual pets which users must take care of so to train and battle other players in the game. And when it comes to capturing, evolving and powering up your Pokémon earning a lot of experience points (XP) by being a higher level player has a huge advantage.

Aside from the obvious point of demonstrating that you’re a more experienced player. Your character in the game as you progress through Pokémon Go, gains XP for completing various tasks and moving up through levels. Such as a chance to join a team once you reach level 5. Or unlocking Great Balls and additional incubators for your eggs as you continue to succeed in levels gained through acquiring more XP.

It’s all about gaining much more from your efforts through each level you climb and that’s how to increase your XP level. Just play the game and you can get XP for capturing Pokémon, with bonuses awarded for catching new Pokémon or good throws of the Poke Ball.

And there’s a lot more XP awarded for finding new Pokémon, evolving new Pokémon, hatching eggs and visiting Poke Stops. And one of the best ways to get all these things working for you is go to a new place. Like a town or city centre, where there are lots of Poke Stops, lots of people and lots of Pokémon.

Then simply go from Poke Stop to Poke Stop, collecting it all, catching it all and gobbling up the XP. Also training hard in friendly gyms and battling in gyms will also allow you to be rewarded with XP for your victory.


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