How to Keep up to Date with Pokémon Go Events

It’s Pokémon crazy out there. Don’t believe me? Well you just have to look at the Facebook Pokémon groups popping up everywhere. To the most bizarre and insane news stories about Pokémon go players and how they have no limitations to catching their prey Pokémon.

Therefore if you’re a fan of the Pokémon go phenomenon or actually playing the game then I’m sure you’d like to keep updated on the latest Pokémon events. As well as find all the information and news surrounding the game.

Past events have included Pokémon Go Hunts at specific and best Pokémon Go spots in the areas.

But for more recent upcoming events there’s a GO Fest at Pretoria Botanical Gardens Picnic ground. It’s by Here We Go Events on August 27 at 8am – 11:55pm.  It will be a market and games day with a full on lure party at night! Bring your friends and have a great day out and a night to remember.

As well as for those players in the East Rand area there will be a Pokéhunt on August 27 at 1-8pm at Carnival City in Brakpan. It will be a fun day for young and old. During the event if you want to take a break there’s Lazertag and Go carts also available.

For more on the latest events visit the Pokémon Go South Africa Facebook page for any events by PokeGOZA. And there’s also Pokémon Go RSA Facebook group page or visit the Here We GO Events Facebook page.


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