How to Make a Lot of Money in South Africa

how to make a lot of money in South Africa

If you want to know how to make a lot of money in South Africa, you need to start looking at the jobs that pay the high salaries. If you’re a student he you can aspire to make this your career, and professional people can also consider a career change if they really want to earn more money.

Chartered accountant

Although this career is on for anyone, it definitely pays well. On average the chartered accountant events around R443,000 per year.

Air traffic controller

This is a specialised position, but if you can get your foot in the door you can look forward to earning more than R580,000 per year.


These professionals in approximately R600,000 per year, and their work includes dealing with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty in a business.

Management consultant

Management consultant in South Africa in up to R672,000 per year, and they work to help organisations improve their performance.

Petroleum engineers

These professionals in around R580,000 per year and their job consists of a combination of innovation, exploration and expansion.

Specialist doctors

Depending on the specialty these doctors don’t up to R650,000 a year.

IT managers

IT managers earn up to R620,000 a year and this is expected to grow as the profession grows.


Lawyers earn up to R650,000 in the year and this largely depend on the area they specialise in.


Pilots in South Africa earn around R700,000 per year and this goes for well-trained, experienced pilots that works for a big airline.

Software Engineers

Software engineers are undoubtedly among the highest-paid professional in South Africa. They earn up to R1.2 million a year, especially those with a lot of professional experience.


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