How to Play Pokémon Go


If you somehow didn’t get enough play time when you were a child, relive those video game hey days as an adult with Pokémon Go.

It’s a free app that follows the basic premise of Pokémon, a Japanese videogame and anime series where adventurers travel the world seeking Pokémon. These are “pocket monsters” in Japanese to train and battle with each other.

The app has gained momentum all around the world in the countries where it’s available. And it has been punted as a revolutionary smartphone experience. It allows users to wander their neighborhood in search of Pokémon beasts who pop-up as if in real life on their phone.

It definitely gives meaning to augmented reality as you explore the outside world on your phone. And how to play Pokémon Go is as easy as downloading the app and creating your own character. As a user you’ll see an anime-like version of Google Maps that hides street and area names, and replaces real-life landmarks with Pokémon-specific buildings.

As you navigate the real world, your in-game character mirrors your movements. And will randomly encounter Pokémon which, with luck, you’ll be able to capture and add to your team. And the teams are an important part. As a user you get to choose and join one of three global teams Instinct, Mystic or Valor and battle for territory.

Further encouraging you to explore your town and city while interacting with others, when finding these virtual pets or claiming territory for your specific team. As different types of Pokémon appear in different locations, therefore as a player you need to explore the world around you to catch ‘em all. Travel to the beachfront to capture water Pokémon, or search for gyms around the block.


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