How to Send Money to Mozambique with FNB

Send Money to Mozambique

If you want to send money to Mozambique you can easily do this by using an instant, easy and affordable money transfer service from FNB. This service allows FNB customers residing in South Africa to send money instantly to an individual in Mozambique who has a Mozambican ID.

There is no card and no account needed.

Electronic channels are making it easier for customers to transact. More people are using banking services on-the-go. This allows them to save money and time. Instead of spending hours waiting in ling bank queues, people can use FNB money transfer services at any time of the day.

FNB has introduced a simpler solution for customers. Recipients are able to access their money instantly.

Money can be sent via cellphone banking, online banking or by using the banking app. FNB services are simple and efficient, making it easy for customers to send money using any of the digital banking services.

One of the main benefits offered by the service is that it is able to reach many of the unbanked individuals on the African continent.

The recipient will receive voucher details from the sender and does not need a bank account or a bank card to get cash.

The recipient must provide the following when collecting cash:

  • Mozambique ID
  • Voucher reference number
  • Transfer amount
  • Transfer code

When you send money to Mozambique, the fees charged depend on the amount you send.

Once the recipient collects the cash from the FNB Mozambique branch, the sender will receive an SMS or email confirming the recipient’s collection of the cash.

If the money is not collected at the branch within 14 days, it will be reversed bank to the sender’s FNB account.

Visit for more information about sending money to Mozambique with FNB.


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