How to Track Pokémon in Your Area in ‘Pokémon Go’


Different types of Pokémon appear in different locations, in Pokémon Go so players need to explore the world around them to catch the different characters.

In the game users walk around (in the real world) and try to find and capture (virtual) Pokémon characters seen on their phone through the Pokémon Go app. Users will see a Pokémon character superimposed over a real-world object, popping-up as if in real life on their phone.

Seems easy enough right? Just walk around with smartphone glued to your hand, just like any ordinary day. And face down just in case you might spot a Pokémon on your radar. But of course just like with any other mobile game there are tricks, tools and rules to catching these virtual beasts.

Therefore how do you track Pokémon in your area in ‘Pokémon Go’ for starters the name of the game is surface area. The farther distance you travel, the more Pokémon you’ll uncover. And this translates to more exercise, a walk around your neighbourhood, the fresh air and getting to meet new people. As the chances of you finding an abundance of Pokémon locked up behind your high walls are nil.

Secondly any type of above-ground transportation that doesn’t interfere with cell service will help. And your car is not included as it’s best to make sure you’re not driving. Thirdly you can use the tools that come with the app. Such as the Nearby Grid found at the bottom of your screen tap it to open the 3×3 grid.

The tool shows all the Pokémon near you in order of proximity with the closest Pokémon in the top left spot, to the furthest one in the bottom right. As you walk around, this menu should refresh to give you an idea of where each Pokémon is. When you start walking in the right direction of the Pokémon, the bar should start pulsating green. The number footprints should also start getting smaller the closer you get to a Pokémon,

And of course as you play, gain experience, level up in the game, earn and hoard experience points (XP) Pokémon will start populating your map. All this might assist you in expanding and diversifying your Pokédex.


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