How To Use The Checkers Money Transfer Service


Sending money across the African continent has never been easier. In the past, it was limited to sending by electronic transfer. These days however, various money transfer services have made this process much more convenient. 

Using Checkers Money Transfer, individuals are able to send money for just R9,99.  

Collecting the money is absolutely free and the service is available at Checkers Hyper, Shoprite and USave. In order to collect the money, the recipient needs their valid ID as well as the secret PIN and the money transfer number given by the sender. 

What makes a service like Checkers Money Transfer powered by Capitec popular is that it can be used by a large portion of the population who remain unbanked. There is also no need to wait in long queues. 

How the process works: 

Head to your nearest Checkers of Shoprite outlet with your valid South African ID, the amount of money you want to send, plus the R9,99 for the money transfer.  

You then need to select a secret 4-digit PIN number. Enter it to receive a Money Market transfer number. 

Make sure that the only person you give this PIN number to is the recipient of the transfer. 

Money can be sent from or collected at any Checkers, Shoprite or USave, OK Furniture as well as House & Home. 

Benefits that come with using the Checkers Money Transfer Service: 

  • You can send any amount from R1 to R5000 per day.  
  • Cost-effective and time-saving. There is no need to wait in long queues at the ATM.  
  • Recipients can receive funds at any Checkers or Shoprite nationwide. There is no need to exchange any banking information. 
  • No special software is required, so individuals who don’t have internet banking can also benefit from convenient money transfer services. 
  • Recipients don’t require a bank account, which eliminates having to pay costly bank charges. 
  • It’s convenient and easy. The entire process is simple and easy to understand. 
  • The service is transparent and safe. 

For more information about the Checkers Money Transfer service, call: 0800 010 709 or visit 


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