How to use the One Plan App to claim


One Plan Health Insurance is insurance cover that provides you with finances for your medical needs. It is not a medical aid, but can be used in conjunction with it to cover any shortfall that you may have.

Benefits of choosing One Plan Health Insurance:

What are the benefits offered by One Plan Health Insurance?

  • You will be able to get cover for unforeseen events according to cover limits
  • This cover falls under the Short Term Insurance Act
  • You are able to benefit from cover for health events at fixed or specific amounts
  • It includes personal accident risk cover
  • Cover may include death and/or funeral cover
  • The cover pays directly to the insured, so there are no lengthy waiting periods

One Plan Health Insurance provides access to funds immediately, so there is no tedious paperwork and administration.

How to use the One Plan App to claim:

  • Using the One Plan App to claim is easy and fast.
  • You first need to dial *120*17526#
  • Complete your ID and policy number
  • Select the claim type and insert the amount you need
  • The funds will be loaded onto the card within a minute
  • You can then swipe and pay at your doctor as you would with a debit card

To make pharmacy claims using the One Plan App, you need to give the One Plan policy number to the pharmacist. The pharmacy will process the claim directly with One Plan up to the applicable cover limit.

No paperwork or administration is required from the client.

What else you can do with the One Plan App:

  • Lead a new healthcare benefit
  • View and administer claims
  • Manage your One Card
  • View One Plan policy information

For more information about how to use the One Plan App to claim, call: 010 001 0141 or visit



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