How to use the Samsung TV App


Technology is changing at a rapid pace all over the world. From smartphone technology, to home automation, technology is changing our lifestyles in a lot of ways.

As a world-renowned technology brand, Samsung continues to push the envelope when it comes to innovation.

One of these innovations is the Samsung TV App.

Through the Samsung TV App, the TV can stream media from your home network.  All Samsung Smart TVs provide Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection options.

How to use the Samsung TV App:

You may be able to access some internet streaming channels using the TV’s built-in web browser.

You need to start by setting up a Samsung Account. Doing this will allow you to access some apps that may require payment.

The Home (Smart Hub) screen includes access to general TV settings, satellite service, cable and web browser.

Pre-loaded apps are also displayed. There are more than 200 Samsung Apps for Samsung Smart TVs.

The search feature lets you find an App on the Samsung App store. Apps are accessible through your TV, similar to the way we use apps on a smartphone.

There are various categories to choose from (What’s New, Most Popular, Video, Lifestyle and Entertainment. Most apps can be downloaded for free. Popular Apps include Netflix, Vudu, Hulu  and YouTube. There are also apps to connect directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Using the Samsung TV App provides a convenient way to make the most of smart technology. With the rise of home automation and the use of smart hubs, it’s becoming much easier to create a seamless entertainment experience. For instance, you would generally have to use your laptop or smartphone to check your Facebook or Twitter account while watching TV, but with the Samsung TV App, all of this has changed. Now you can do it all through your TV.


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