How You Can Benefit From the Investec Money Fund Tracker

Investec Monet Market

As a banking services and asset management leader for over 40 years, Investec offers clients a wide variety of financial solutions. Established in 1974, Investec operates in three major markets: South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia. Through the years the bank has established a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy financial institution. It is a specialist provider of banking, management of assets and wealth and investment services.

An Investment Tool Offered by the Bank is the Investment Money Fund Tracker.

The Investec Money Fund Tracker is a money market –linked account that provides you with instant access to your funds. The Money market is an investment opportunity that focuses on short-term debt securities (most of which mature in under a year).

It’s regarded as a more reliable form of trading.  Transactions are conducted directly within various firms’ accounts, without the need for brokers or a central trading floor. The best way to maximise returns is to make regular deposits.

The money market generally offers a safer option as it’s more predictable than the stock market. Money markets are also easily accessible to individual investors.

More about the Investec Money Fund Tracker

The account tracks the qualifying South African money market funds and secures the average rate of these funds.

There are no penalties incurred for accessing your funds immediately.

A minimum deposit of R 100 000 is required. You have the option to make additional deposits of up to R 25 million.

The daily rate is linked to the average of the qualifying South African money market funds.

Intended to be a savings account, the interest on the account accrues daily and may be transferred to a designated bank account or compounded monthly.

With a dedicated support center, Investec offers clients a simple and convenient investment tool.



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