Huawei P8 review

huawei p8

The HuaweiP8 is a new offering by the Chinese manufacturer that competes on the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6. What makes this device more attractive is the fact that it’s relatively cheaper than other phones in its class.

In South Africa, you can expect to pay between R7000 and R8000. Although this is a stretch for most people, it’s still quite reasonable.

Featuring a sleek, premium look, the P8 is extremely thin at just 6.4mm. The 5.2” display has an aluminium finish and is spill resistant. Easy to manage in one hand, the P8 comes in four main colours, namely: Mystic Champagne, Prestige Gold, Carbon black and Titanium Grey.

Does the P8 offer what most people want out of a smartphone?

Most people have a simple list of expectations from a smartphone:

  • Decent battery life
  • Stylish design
  • A good camera
  • A good Operating System

The Huawei P8 fulfils most of these needs in a satisfactory way.

Heavy users can expect a full day of battery life, while regular users will have about a day and a half of battery life.

According to Huawei, the P8 has a camera that is reportedly the best in its class and it features Optical image Stabilisation. The quality camera really puts the P8 ahead of its class. Users can take great photos in low light using the 8MP front facing camera and also the 13MP camera at the back. Selfie lovers will be glad to know that the P8 features a “perfect selfie” option as well.

Director mode on the camera assists you with creating professional- looking videos.

Reading eBooks on the P8 is a pleasure as the device has a great eBook reading feature.

Another impressive feature in the interface is “Voice Wake Up” which allows you to give the phone a name of your choice, as opposed to the default “Emy”. The phone recognises your voice if you choose to activate it this way.

An impressive offering from Huawei, the P8 is a strong contender in the smartphone arena.


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