I Want It Faster, Smarter And More Accurate, Please… 

I want it faster smarter and more accurate, please…

By Dimakatso Maroleni

People are looking to a 2018 and beyond that’s faster, smarter and more accurate. How you may ask? Well through the use of technology of course.

Technology has become a part of our life blood we can call a taxi cab via an app, does anyone require an Uber?

The use of technology has also intensified amongst people through the use of the very many social media apps. This allows for a connection solely through a web presence, perhaps never even meeting in person. And that in this sometimes time constraint era we live in allows for efficiency and response.

Political and social awareness is also brought to light by watching news, current affairs and documentaries or by reading about issues online bringing about a faster, smarter approach to doing things.

Also that technology has changed the face of work no longer is it necessary for a person to be tied to an office just to get work done. These days you can even get your work done on the go in a coffee shop or just about anywhere allowing you the freedom to get your job done even in your pajamas. (LOL)

It’s also always important to evaluate where we at. And with that being said going forward we’ve been made aware of the smart experience of chatbots, robot dogs, self-driving cars and robot citizens all making a statement about the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

And although with some of these technologies is still somewhat of a trial and error, with time it could get better. AI is here to make things even more convenient for us. Further proving how people are looking to a 2018 and beyond that’s faster, smarter and more accurate.


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