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Funding for women entrepreneurs - IDF Managers

All across the world and South Africa included, innovative entrepreneurs and start up businesses have proven to be a phenomenon. Entrepreneurs produce solutions that fly in the face of established knowledge and they always challenge the status quo. They are risk takers who pursue opportunities that others may fail to recognise or even view as problems or threats.

The power and potential in this unique sector was part of the motivation behind the established of Identity development fund managers (IDF). Formed in 2008, IDF came on the scene to be the leading organisation in developing innovative financial products that are integrated with non-financial support, and unlocking value in the entrepreneurial sector through the provision of fund management services for institutional and corporate investors.

Funding for women entrepreneurs | IDF Managers

Funding for women entrepreneurs - IDF ManagersLed by a team of women professionals, IDF advisory and fund management services are divided into different categories.These are management of funds aimed at entrepreneurial SME investment and development, advisory services for management of existing SME investment portfolios and advisory services on strategy and implementation of new projects aimed at investment in the development of entrepreneurs.

Funding products from this entity are structured in accordance with the capitalisation needs of each business and structuring is determined on the commercial merits of each case. Non-Financial support provided is tailored to respond to the needs of business at various growth stages and to the needs of the entrepreneur. Portfolio companies are therefore well positioned to benefit from the financial and non-financial services provided by IDF managers.

IDF can be contacted on 0117727900.


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