Insurance Claims Tips and Advice


Be proactive but proficient in the claims process

In the insurance claims process you need to make sure that you keep abreast of developments. You need to provide all necessary information and you need to make sure that you follow the claims procedure.

Think of your insurance claim settlement as a business negotiation

You need to make sure that you are explicitly clear about what you are covered for and what the insurance company must provide you with. You need to make sure that you only claim for what you are covered for and that you get exactly that.

Document and support your claim with proof, details and estimates

If at all possible try to take photographs of your items or of the accident or damage. Present these to the insurance company to substantiate your claim. Make notes if possible and keep accurate details of the incident.

Present clear requests in writing that explains what you need, when you need it and why you’re entitled to it

It’s vital that you do this because it is likely to lessen the amount of time spent on the claims process. By presenting everything in writing you are less likely to face challenges in terms of the insurance claims process.

Review your entire policy for coverage and endorsements

Make sure that you understand precisely what you are covered for and what the exclusions of your policy are.

Don’t feel forced to use the contractors your insurance company recommends

You are under no obligation to use the contractors recommended.

Report the incident to the police

It’s best practice to report the incident for which you are claiming to the police.

Keep important documents on hand, such as:

  • Your policy document
  • Receipts for anything stolen or damaged
  • Reference numbers

Get the facts straight

If you bought your policy through a broker, call them first


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