Best insurance companies in South Africa

Best insurance companies in South Africa

Life and Disability Insurance- One Life Direct
This Insurance concern has set itself apart by offering basic life cover as well as disability benefits, dread disease cover and funeral cover. They also recently launched an investment product which offers various premium options to suit client needs, added to this is excellent service offered to clients.

Household Insurance – Outsurance
It is very difficult to surpass the level of service provided by this business entity.Their products cover household contents as well as items like boats and sporting equipment. Clients can also insure items such as laptops, cellphones or sunglasses separately from their household contents to ensure that these items are covered while they are in use outside the home as well.

Vehicle Insurance – King Price Insurance
With very few years in the industry, King Price Insurance offers a unique option that decreases your car insurance premiums each month as opposed to the common annual option. Cover is also provided for trailers and caravans as well as items such as car sound equipment. If a client pays a small additional premium, King Price will pay for a rental vehicle should yours not be able to be driven for any reason.

Health Insurance – Bestmed
This health insurance firm is slowly proving to be a giant.Their pre-authorisation process for hospital procedures is seamless and convenient and their insurance plans offer coverage for day to day expenses such as dental work and doctors visits.

Hospital Plans – Clientele Life
Clientele Life has been offering top quality hospital cover for many years. Hospital plans usually pay clients a set daily amount for each day that they have to spend in hospital for illness or surgery of any sort.These plans have proven to be very helpful especially if its the main breadwinner in the house who has to spend time in hospital because it means that day to day expenses will still be taken care of until they are able to work again.


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