Insurance Cover Myths

  • Life insurance

I don’t need life insurance because I don’t have children

Having life insurance is important as it can help your family in the event of your death.

I have enough cover through my employer

It doesn’t hurt to get extra life insurance cover.

Only breadwinners need life cover

Anyone can get life insurance cover, it doesn’t only have to be breadwinners.

Buying life insurance is inconvenient

With improved technology, it has become much easier for people to get access to life insurance. You can simply visit the website of the insurance company of your choice and apply online.

  • Car insurance

I don’t have to pay an excess if the accident was not my fault

The amount of excess you pay is determined by your insurance policy. You need to understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy in terms of excess.

My insurance will provide me with a courtesy car while my car is in for repairs

This isn’t always the case. It depends on the type of insurance cover you have.

Car insurance rates are reduced dramatically when a driver turns 25

While it’s true that rate can be reduced slightly, it is not guaranteed to be reduced by large amounts.

  • Home insurance

A home should be insured for the purchase price

Your insurance provider will insure your home at wither its market or replacement value.

Water damage is covered under home insurance

Water damage is not always covered.

Natural disaster-related damage is always covered

The type of cover you get will determine exactly what is covered

All personal property in the home is fully insured

Make sure that you read your policy carefully to see what is covered

  • Health insurance

Health insurance will pay for everything I will ever need

Private health insurance is only for wealthy people

I am too old for private health insurance

Health insurance providers cannot be changed


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