Insurance for iPhone 6 South Africa

Having cell phone insurance can be very helpful these days. The unpredictable nature of life as well as technological glitches often necessitate that cell phone owners have insurance for cell phones.  

It’s important to find the correct insurance product for your needs. Take the time needed to search and compare insurance products.

Make sure that you understand the cover that is provided clearly, as there may be a number of exclusions, such as:

The value of data

Cost of software

Damage caused by carelessness

Replacing a cell phone can be a big financial setback. As an owner of the iPhone 6 you can end up paying a hefty amount for the handset.

Typical prices for the iPhone 6 range from R9899 to R12 599.

You can protect yourself by getting insurance. Most mobile service providers offer cell phone insurance, while other insurers sell it as a stand-alone policy or as part of a personal lines policy.

According to, you can get iCarePlus, which will provide cover for your device for 2 years.

The iCarePlus Protection Plan extends your warranty coverage to two years from the original purchase date. This insurance is valid and available to products purchased from the iStore.

Only one replacement is allowed at R1300 once-off plus R1000 on the actual claim and it does not cover theft.

According to Vodacom insurance, 30 000 cell phones are stolen every month in South Africa.

If you don’t have a good risk profile, it may be better to opt for a stand-alone policy. Keep in mind the fact that excess may differ from insurer to insurer.

Dawie Buys, manager of property and insurance risks at the South African Insurance Association says: “In the case of loss, for instance, the cell phone must be blacklisted with the cell phone company or service provider and an ITC number obtained, which must be advised to the insurer. In the event of theft, the loss must usually be reported to the South African Police Service within 24 hours of the loss and the case number must be provided to the insurer.”

Tips for getting insurance for iPhone in South Africa:

  • Revise the sum issued at least once a year
  • When you upgrade your phone, make sure that you upgrade your cell phone insurance at the same time
  • You can also self-insure your phone


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