Insurance for Old Cars

From the moment you purchase a car, its value depreciates. The purchase of a new car often means that you will have to get some type of insurance cover to suit your needs. In South Africa the majority of uninsured vehicles are older vehicles. Not everyone can afford to buy a new car these days so many people are driving their cars for years on end before considering getting a new model. Owners of these cars often argue that the cost of cover is too high considering the value of these vehicles.

Insurance options in South Africa include:

Comprehensive insurance – the most expensive type

Limited car insurance – cover for theft and hijacking

Third-party – cheapest cover, which also covers damage to other peoples’ property

Insurance for old cars can be quite pricey, but this isn’t always the case.

Some insurance providers offer car insurance for old cars and vintage motor vehicles.

While an older car may not represent serious financial loss if it is stolen or damaged, it might accidentally cause damage to an expensive new car.

It’s important to note that most policies are just third party insurance. This cover will pay for damage to the other party’s car in an accident and you will still have to repair your vehicle from your own pocket.

The value of most cars decreases every year, so the need for comprehensive insurance may eventually fall away.

Vintage Cars:

These cars usually have much more value than just an old car. Basic car insurance options will cover you for both third party repairs and loss of your vehicle.

OUTsurance insurance for old cars:

This leading insurance provider introduced ESSENTIAL cover for vehicles older than five years.


This is insurance cover for vehicles worth less than R50 000, which are older than five years, which are not insured and are completely paid off.

This is a lower cost alternative to normal comprehensive insurance and covers you for:

  • If your car is stolen
  • If an accident is your fault and you are liable for damage to a third party’s vehicle

Make sure that you fully understand the policy at the outset.


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