Insurance from Nedbank

Personal Insurance:

Insurance from Nedbank strives to provide clients with quality solutions for their specific insurance needs. This insurance provides cover for private motor cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans, trailers and small watercraft. 

Insurance cover is offered as:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Third Party insurance
  • Fire and Theft insurance
  • Third-Party Only

The Comprehensive cover option is a combined plan that covers your car, home and household contents under one policy.

Nedbank provides clients with access to home, road and medical assistance services 24 hours a day.

The application process is simple and there is no paperwork involved. You can get an online quote by visiting

Call 0860 104 526

Accident and Health Insurance:

This insurance cover gives you and your family vital protection in the unfortunate event of death, disability or critical illness. The insurance cover payment is made on diagnosis and a monthly recovery benefit is also paid out.

Call 0860 20 60 80

Funeral Insurance:

Life is unpredictable so it’s important to make the necessary plans for funeral costs. Getting funeral insurance from Nedbank is simple. There are no medical tests and there is minimal paperwork involved.

With this cover, you get immediate death cover as soon as you’ve paid your first premium.

You get an option to choose to cover yourself, immediate family members and extended family members or even domestic workers.

Valid claims are paid out within 48 hours, giving you the freedom to be able to take care of funeral plans. In addition, pay-outs are tax-free.

Easy Cover Funeral Plan

  • You can get cover for up to 30 people
  • The Family Supporter benefit can provide an income for your family for up to 12 months should you pass away.


  • You are able to get cover for yourself, your immediate family and your parents from a minimum of R7500 to a maximum of R30 000.
  • After 5 years of not claiming, you get 10% of premiums paid back in cash, while you also benefit from the Skip-a-premium facility after 2 years.
  • Call 0860 104 526

Credit Card Insurance

This cover gives you peace of mind and allows you to choose from two plans (R100 000 and R150 000). Quick and easy to apply for, there are also no medical tests involved.

By getting this cover you get cover for your credit card balance or monthly repayments should something happen to you.

Call 0860 333 111


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