Insurance Investigator


Insurance investigators are claims workers with some background in criminal justice. These individuals specialise in delving into claims cases to uncover possible criminal or fraudulent activity.

The insurance industry in South Africa is highly competitive. While insurance companies offer a range of comprehensive solutions for car, home, household contents, buildings, cell phone and business cover, there are a few individuals who seek to make fraudulent claims. This is the main reason that insurance companies acquire the services of an insurance investigator.

This may involve inspecting numerous amounts of paperwork, conducting interview and even performing surveillance.

The job of an insurance investigator involves examining matters pertaining to insurance claims that are suspicious or otherwise in doubt for some reason.

What is the purpose of insurance investigators?

  • These individuals are needed due to high incidents of insurance fraud.
  • Their expertise is required to determine the validity of claims.
  • They critically analyse all evidence relating to a claim

How do they do this?

The process may include searching records and databases, conducting personal interviews, inspecting damaged vehicles, property or vehicles. They are expected to critically analyse all evidence relating to a claim.

They are expected to write reports on their findings and to cooperate with other investigators as well as relevant law enforcement professionals.

What are the qualification criteria?

In South Africa, these investigators earn an average salary of R247 550 per year. A high school education is required, while some investigators must be licensed before they can operate.

Skills associated with this profession include forensics and forensic interviewing.

Michael Barker & Partners is a leading firm of fraud investigators in South Africa. The Johannesburg-based organisation has 20 years of experience within the industry.

Over the years this organisation has provided a range of insurance-related services, including:

  • Investigation
  • Quantification
  • Prosecution
  • Recovery

To contact them, simply visit


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