Insurance Quotes from Hippo


Launched in 2007, Hippo is South Africa’s first online insurance comparison site. Nowadays there is no reason for you to struggle to find a quality insurance provider for your individual needs.  

By visiting you are able to compare up to 17 car insurance quotes side by side.

How you can get insurance quotes from Hippo:

  • Visit the website to get access to car, household, buildings, motorcycles, cell phone, life, travel, health and business insurance solutions.
  • Hippo compares a range of different insurance brokers, their prices and benefits.
  • Once you have found a deal that works for you, click on “I’m interested” and your chosen insurer will get in touch with you.

Why choose Hippo?

Using the site helps you save time and the hassle of shopping around for quotes. You can search from the comfort of your home or without having to leave your office.

Hippo is part of the Telesure Group, a leading organisation which has a mission to provide customers with the best insurance deals to suit their individual needs.

The comparison site helps over 80 000 people to compare quotes for free before they buy or switch.

Your data is not sold to third parties and the site is free to use, so you are not charged for any insurance comparisons.

You are able to compare insurance quotes from the most reputable institutions, which are registered with the relevant insurance bodies. You are also assured of comparisons with a wide array of insurance providers- giving you access to the best solutions.

According to independent research, 1 in 2 people could save hundreds of rands per month by choosing to use Hippo.

Hippo makes use of cutting-edge technology.

To contact Hippo, simply call: 0861 007 375 or visit their website here:



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