Intel Compute Stick – Your Computer On a Stick

Intel Compute Stick, USB stick, C.H.I.P

Miniature computers are all the craze these days. With the rise in popularity of models like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and the newest addition, the C.H.I.P, it seems that more tech companies are keen on creating smaller computers.

Intel’s Compute Stick is a new product the size of about four USB sticks put together. Retailing for about R2200, it’s the first of its size to run on a quad-core Intel Atom chip.

It has a performance comparable to any notebook or modern-day tablet. In addition, it comes pre-installed with a conventional version of Windows 8.1.

How do you activate it?

Power the unit with the power adapter that is included.

The stick has one USB connector, so to install it you’ll need a USB hub. Connect to a network and create a Windows account and you’re well on your way.

What can you use the Intel Compute Stick for?

  • Surfing the web
  • Using social media
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • Standard office tasks

The stick comes with 32GB of flash memory, while users can expand storage space by up to 128GB by using an optional SD that can slide into the side. This is good news for those who want to store large movie files. It has a fast media player for high-resolution (full HD and 4K uncompressed movies).Users can stream full HD video smoothly. Also included is a short HMDI extension cable.

The Intel Compute Stick is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and on-board Bluetooth. The former is one of the weak aspects of this product. The Wi-Fi signal weakens considerably when the device is moved away from a wireless access point.

Due to the sheer size of the device, it’s to be expected that heat production may be a problem. The fan always activates when above 58 degrees Celsius and fortunately, energy consumption is quite low.

Intel’s Compute Stick is an innovative product that signals the direction the tech industry may be heading towards. With a sleeker design and faster performance, this device has the potential to dominate developing markets considerably.


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