Intelligent home technology by Altech Node, the smart decoda


Technology and in particular satellite technology have given humanity the much-needed boost to make advancements in various spheres of life. Technological innovations have continued to come through and contribute to the betterment of human life. It is therefore not surprising that the South African public has become a beneficiary of innovations such as the Altech Node.

Altech Node is the home of Smart Entertainment, Smart Home and Smart Tv. By using the technologically enhanced Node box, users can enjoy complete home entertainment and some unbeatable smart home experience.

Smart Entertainment allows one to watch anything of their choice and their own convenient time with access to features such as instant play, no delays, no data costs and ultra high-definition quality on all HD movies. Smart Entertainment grants access to the latest movies with unlimited viewing for 48hrs at a cost of R25, unlimited movies and series all the time for only R299 per month, news, sports highlights, documentaries and kids programmes, personalised media with movies, pictures, music from your USB and stream it to any device on the Node network and it also allows for downloading of Android apps and games for the big screen.

Smart Home offerings allow for the managing and connecting of your home through your TV with smart accessories such as Smart Plugs which leads to complete control of any electrical device at home.This includes creating a home surveillance network using wireless cameras and motion sensors that you can view in one place. By using your TV, you can make really cheap internet calls using a VoIP phone and recharge your airtime,data or electricity. A Wi-Fi hotspot can also be created in your home.

Through Smart TV, you can turn your HDTV into a smart online entertainment platform with access to the Internet, social media, email, news and more, you can also view YouTube in HD quality, you can also connect and interact with Android applications in the Node App store with games and apps built for TV quality.

The Altech Node is truly life changing.
You can view the contracts here.


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