Interesting Factors about Online Car Insurance Quotes


Full disclosure about your driving record is required

If you have claimed previously, this will have an effect on your insurance quotes. If you have been in car accidents before, this may have an adverse effect on your car insurance quotes.

Check your credit score

Not many people realise this, but your credit score does have an effect on your car insurance quotes application. Most insurance providers regard individuals with a good credit record to be low-risk.  If you are a low-risk individual chances are that you will benefit from lower insurance premiums.

You will be asked to provide specific details about the car you’re insuring


How much you drive on average per year is a factor that is considered by insurance providers.

Details on security features

You need to provide details about any security features you may have fitted on your car. If you have an alarm or immobiliser fitted for example, you need to disclose this. This is something that could go a long way towards lowering your car insurance quote.

How much you drive

Remember that when you are on the road you are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. So insurance companies are typically looking at the risk of how much they’ll need to pay if you are involved in an accident or if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by a third party. If you don’t drive often you can request a specific type of car insurance cover.

The vehicle type

The type of car that you drive plays a huge role in how your car insurance is quoted.

Most insurers will offer slight discounts to drivers who buy multiple forms of coverage at once

The best car insurance firms in South Africa offer online car insurance quotes


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