Investec solutions – broad spectrum of financial services

Investec solutions

Investec, an internationally acclaimed Specialist bank, provides flexible lending solutions to individuals, small-scale businesses and large-scale businesses. The broad spectrum of services offered by Investec includes banking, advisory, funding, lending, trust services, treasury and trading, property development, acquisition and fund management and the area of investing.

A diverse range of financial products and services, wealth, investment and asset management are directed towards three principal markets: the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. Lending services for entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses and corporates have been highly successful. These lending solutions offer assistance in the form of growth and acquisition finance, property finance, personal finance and corporate lending.

Growth and acquisition specialises in facilitating growth via acquiring another company, meeting BEE commitments, pursuing management buy- out or buy in or a leveraged buyout. Personal finance takes care of business and financing for individuals. This sector of Investec provides finance for cars, property and lifestyle assets including finance for the expansion of a professional practice or to grow an investment portfolio. The property finance offered by Investec has been used by many for renovations or investment property opportunities. Corporate lending provides for growth, acquisition and leverage finance to help grow the business. It caters for aspects like capital expenditure, debt restructuring, preference share funding etc. Corporate entities can rely on Investec to provide the best offers to foster the advancement of business ideals.

Investec consultants are ready to assist clients with optimal solutions to their financing needs. Highly efficient, reliable and erudite, they are available here: 011 286-7000.


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