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South Africa’s financial and banking landscape has continued to grow over the years.This growth has seen the rise of financially strong banks and investment institutions and a number of smaller banks.These domestic and foreign institutions provide a range of services from commercial, retail and merchant banking, mortgage lending,insurance and investment. One name that features prominently on this list is Investment Solutions.

Investment Solutions was set up with a vision of being a successful investment management and solutions organisation that helps clients achieve investment success and peace of mind on investment matters.This firm has a wide range of portfolios designed to meet the varying needs of individual and institutional investors.The company is not only innovative in its approach to investment management but also in the way that the investors best interests are considered.Investment Solutions products and services are underpinned by the company’s multi manager proposition, which ensures that investment portfolios provide a less volatile return stream with improved long term returns. Products and services are therefore divided into Individual and Institutional categories.

Individual category caters for Individual investors. An individual investor is someone who invests for their own account. Investment Solutions offers a range of products to suit individual investors at all stages of their lives.This entity offers you different investment options through retirement products over the long term and also unit trusts for a more short term focus. When it comes to Institutional investors,there is multi-management solutions which includes fund of funds and manager of managers portfolios in virtually every region.

Investment Solutions can be contacted on 0860333316.


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