iPhone 8 Launch Date and Industry News

iPhone 8 Launch Date

After launching the iPhone 7 a few months ago, mobile phone manufacturer Apple is set to launch the iPhone 8 later this year. The phone will be launched at a time iPhone will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in the mobile phone business.

Apple’s iPhone 8 release date is anticipated to be less than six months from now with a rough estimation at this point either on the 4th or 11th of  September 2017.  but rumours regarding its features has already flooded the internet. It’s not even a year when iPhone fans enjoyed the iPhone 7 but it seems a number of users will go back to the stores for an upgrade.

Some media reports argue that Apple will, as per tradition launch the iPhone8 in September. Since the launch of iPhone 5 in September, 2012, Apple has launched a new iPhone in September every year thus making a pretty steady track record.

Rumours has it that the American company made big changes on this new device. The new curved-smartphone has an all-screen OLED display and a stainless steel frame. The screen size of iPhone 8 is rumoured to be larger around 5.8 inches, just like the Galaxy S8.

The new smartphone will have a curved AMOLED display. Rumours has it that users need not to worry about the big size because Apple can easily make the display size larger without actually making the phone dimensions any bigger.  Like Galaxy S8, Apple will reportedly get rid of physical home button and replace it with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the screen itself.

The new phone will likely be more waterproofed. It is estimated to jump from an IP67 to IP68 rating. iPhone users should indeed prepare for this brand-new smartphone which is rumoured to be providing a better contrast, more vibrant colours and embracing a battery-saving always-on display that could even be a 4k resolution!

All round the iPhone community are expecting quite a big upgrade with the new device, with speculation that the new iPhone 8 might even be released with a full all-glass version. In any event, we are waiting with bated breath as other competitors like the Samsung S8 is upping their game with every new release, the latest being the very popular cutting-edge curved display…

Some of the initial specs rumoured to be in the new iPhone 8 include;

  • An A11 chip, built on ARM’s highly-efficient 10nm manufacturing process.
  • Available in 32GB, 128BB and 256GB storage options
  • Duel camera system (possibly only available in Plus models)
  • Iris recognition and 3D selfies
  • New AMOLED display
  • New touch bar, similar to Macbook Pro
  • Wireless charging
  • Two batteries

Good luck Apple, you have our votes and we are eagerly anticipating having our minds blown!


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