Is This Possible? Car Finance for Blacklisted Clients?

Car Finance Black Listed

Thousands of South Africans apply for car loans every single day. A large number of these applications are rejected due to bad credit history. This can make it really difficult for an individual to obtain their own personal mode of transport.

Car finance for blacklisted applicants is available and you can apply to see if you meet the lender’s minimum requirements.

The excitement of getting a new car can often lead one to make rash decisions when deciding on the various options for car finance. Making the wrong finance decisions up front can have a huge financial impact down the line. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to help you optimize your motor finance deal.

Choose Your Car Carefully

The biggest decision to influence what you pay each month is the type of car you will be driving! Used cars are often a much more affordable option as the previous owner has taken the hit on depreciation over the first couple of years. The cheaper the car, the lower the monthly car finance premiums will be.

Put Down a Bigger Deposit on Your Car

With interest rates high putting down a good deposit on your car will make a big difference to your monthly car finance payment. The larger the initial deposit on your car, the lower the monthly finance premiums will be.

Rent to Own

Another option for blacklisted applicants is to rent a car, with the goal of owning it. This is called rent to own. This program is the perfect solution to get you back behind the wheel of a car. Even if you have a poor credit rating, lending providers can still help you out if you meet their minimum criteria.


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