Is Uber a Game Changer?

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Uber is the leading passengers’ transportation company, changing the way we look at logistics. It all started 6 years ago when founders Travis and Garett invented a mobile application that provides passengers the ability to commute from one location to another using full track and trace features, giving them full visibility of their trips though Google maps.

What makes the service significant is the application’s ability to reduce waste time and the unique service experience by which passengers and drivers rate each other in real time. Passengers are entitled to a refund in case a discrepancy from the Google maps route is reported, which creates a common ground for building customer trust.

Drivers with multiple bad ratings are forced out of the system, which ensures that good quality service is maintained, rising Uber’s service above the well-known bureaucratic worldwide taxi system. The great thing about Uber is that it is a game changer, not only for the taxi industry, but for the logistics industry as a whole.

Uber’s system flexibility attracts many qualified full time and part time drivers around the world, creating a universe of contracted drivers that are performing at a very high success rate. This brought the attention of the logistics industry at a time of an overwhelming e-commerce traffic.

A few weeks ago Amazon threatened courier companies in the United States, stating that it will start the Uber way to deliver packages using its own software and contracted drivers. The company wanted to clearly send a warning message to UPS and FedEx, giving them a last chance to improve their service, or else face the consequence of losing their biggest customer.

Similarly, Aramex CEO Hussein Hachem recently stated in an interview with the Financial Times that Aramex aims to disrupt the logistics industry by going the Uber way to deliver packages across the Middle East and Africa in the near future.

Uber has created a new system that is likely to change the logistics industry forever.


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