Izwe Loans – Providing Financial Security


Financial security is a core focus area and concern for many ordinary South Africans.  At times, efforts to maintain this security may be undermined by the presence of unexpected expenses which catch you off-guard. Taking a loan out to cover expenses comes in handy by providing the means at short notice.

Finding the best loan provider is a task that can be tiresome and stressful. Izwe Loans aims to provide seamless solutions for individuals who find themselves facing such pressure. A micro lender, Izwe Loans provides finance for individuals who are fully employed. Specializing in unsecured loans, finance is given to individuals depending on their salary and ability to repay. The loan term is fixed, which ensures that both parties don not take on too much risk. No collateral is necessary for Izwe Loans, so loan applicants can rest assured that they will not have to put up any assets in exchange for access to funds.

Since inception in 2004, Izwe Loans has grown over the years and has created a reputation as a trusted loan provider. Its operations extend to other African countries, including Zambia and Ghana.

Operated by a South African-approved Mauritian company, Izwe Loans Group provides management, technical and organisational direction to operations. Its 30 branches provide immediate access to quality services, both locally and at a Pan African level.

Izwe Loans provide a maximum of R50 000 in finance with repayment periods of up to 60 months. Proving the entity’s mettle in the industry- over R1 billion has been provided to over 150 000 deserving clients over the years.

Loan Types:

Izwe Loans provides a range of loan services which are tailored to suit specific needs. These include Personal Loans, Student Loans, Consolidation Loans and Building Loans.

Loans are offered from R1000 up to R50 000 over a flexible repayment term.

A Consolidation loan from Izwe will:

  • Give you the security of a fixed rate loan
  • Lower your monthly repayments
  • Help you obtain a lower interest rate loan.

Operating in a crowded microfinance industry, Izwe Loans is regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and the Financial Services Board (FSB)

Izwe Finance Application Process

The application process at Izwe Loans is fairly straightforward. Izwe Loans Agents are trained to assist you effectively and efficiently with finding a loan package to suit your needs.

Once the application has been approved; the funds are deposited directly into your account. For more information Contact Izwe Loans.


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