Jabba Connect – Leading Finance for Portable Consumer Technology


Cellphone technology has transformed the way we communicate immensely. The mobile market continues to expand at quite a fast pace in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. Over the next few years it’s expected to grow even further. As mobile phones have surpassed landlines in popularity, more individuals are investing in them for multiple uses and convenience. However, not everyone is able to afford a brand new handset, so an increasing number of people are relying on lenders that can provide finance for cellphones. A number of them also provide subscription deals with added benefits for clients. One cellphone finance provider that aims to be providing leading solutions within the industry is Jabba Connect. Established in 2010, Jabba Connect was created to provide finance for portable consumer technology.

This institution has a number of functions, which include:

  • World class credit management systems
  • Consumer credit decision-making and granting
  • Sales through an internal outbound sales call centre

With Jabba Connect, you are able to get products such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Prestigio, Huawei, ZTE etc. Handsets are continually replaced with the latest affordable handsets in the market. This ensures that clients are able to benefit from the best models available.

As a Jabba Connect subscriber, you are also given the benefit of a fixed subscription, so you know how much you will be paying every month. With its world class credit management systems, Jabba Connect ensures that it lends to individuals who are able to comfortably afford credit.

To contact Jabba Connect, call 087 310 8890 or email: info@jabbaconnect.co.za.


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