Jobs you can get in Banks


Financial careers are wide and varied. The industry is dynamic and is constantly undergoing changes and improvements.

Banking is regarded as a core function within the financial services industry.

People with string quantitative backgrounds are in high demand at major banks. There is also room for people with an orientation towards sales and client services (relationship banking).

Commercial banks tend to offer more career opportunities, especially for entry-level employees. There are numerous types of jobs you can get in banks.

What types of jobs can you get in banks?

Bank Tellers

This is a key point of customer contact in bank branches. This is often the first point of contact that a customer has with the bank institution.

The number of jobs for bank tellers tends to follow cyclical patterns and depends on the expansion or contraction of bank branches. The effects of technology on the banking industry have also affected the number of bank teller jobs available on a global scale. As more banks move towards digital banking, the need for bank tellers diminishes.

As one of the most common jobs you can get in banks, bank teller job can help facilitate entry into higher-paying career paths.

To qualify for this job, in general, a matric certificate is sufficient, with maths or accounting as subjects. Computer literacy is required, along with strong communication skills.

Investment banker

As an investment banker you are tasked with advising corporations that are contemplating mergers and acquisitions. You may also be tasked with raising funds for corporations and government agencies.

This is a fast-paced field, with long hours and extensive travel requirements.

You need strong quantitative abilities, combined with excellent sales skills.

Financial Planning Advisor

Financial planning advisors work in banks to help promote products and services that are available to clients. Banking experience is crucial and individuals need to have good interpersonal and communication skills.


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