Keep Your Staff and Your Workplace COVID-Safe with Swipe In


As part of the alert level three lockdown regulations, it’s mandatory for organisations to screen all employees and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 before their entry to prevent the transmission of the virus in the workplace.

In addition to staff having to adhere to social distancing, the semi-permanent wearing of masks, and regular sanitising measures throughout, to keep the workplace safe from COVID-19, businesses are required to keep an access registry of everyone who enters the workplace, as well.

Many businesses defaulted to using outdated techniques to comply with the regulation, but we believe that there’s a better way…

Introducing Swipe In

Swipe In is designed for business owners to easily comply with the new legislation – by digitalising the sign-in process. The software enables you to easily keep records on who enters your offices or buildings, but more importantly, keep you, your staff, and workplace safe against COVID-19.

The cost-effective and easy-to-use app is the ultimate self-screening solution. Fully functional on any tablet or mobile device with an internet connection, once a company or individual is registered, access is gained to configure the tools to preference. Include in the low monthly fee, registered individuals have free access to the mobile app which allows them to complete the screening questionnaire remotely, before arrival.

The system validates entrants who have completed the questionnaire and had their temperature checked, based on their mobile number. Confirmed entrees will proceed to have access to the establishment in question and further access to all other Swipe In institutions, without additional screening, for 24 hours.

Companies can view and configure all the settings, such as linking employees and viewing full reporting on all entries, date- and timestamped. An additional feature allows one location or building to add multiple companies or divisions for visitors to choose from on entry.

The purpose of Swipe In is two-fold: not only does it simplify the mandatory check-in process for entry to the office, but it also keeps COVID out of it, making it the all-in-one solution for your sign-in registry process.

It’s a must-have for any business operating during this pandemic, get Swipe In today.


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