LEGO Art Exhibition Rosebank

Come and see what over a million LEGO bricks can construct at the world renowned Art of the Brick, LEGO Art Exhibition which will come to a close on August 2.

It’s an exhibition that has been on at the Zone in Rosebank since it began on the 3rd of April, and it’s a great excuse to bring out your inner kid, as LEGO is almost everyone’s firm favourite whether you’re an adult or a child.

There are 75 original artworks on display consisting of sculptures made from LEGO bricks that are created by Nathan Sawaya whose most famous work to date is Yellow featured in Lady Gaga’s music video G.U.Y, another is of a T-Rex skeleton dinosaur.

lego art exhibition rosebank

Since most of us have come across a display of a T-Rex somewhere in our lives whether it’s in front of the big screen at the movies in 3D or at a museum exhibition where the prehistoric animal is displayed as a life size animatronic to give it a realistic look and behaviour and constructed as either a fossil skeleton or from a plastic material to resemble its skin and give it life.

At the LEGO Art Exhibition, through Nathan’s creation view the dinosaur constructed from over 80 000 LEGO bricks and measuring over 6 metres in length.

Also at the exhibition when art and LEGO bricks combine you will get to see some of the world’s most famous artworks recreated with LEGO such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and the Venus de Milo.

Enjoy a PlayStation gaming area featuring LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and a LEGO building zone. Event takes place from 9am – 7pm.

Tickets are R140 for adults, R95 for kids under 18, entry for kids under 2 is free and get your tickets online through Computicket or at the exhibition box office.


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